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Every one of us should be aware of our blood group. Knowing our blood type allows us to choose acceptable blood for transfusion in the event of an emergency or an accident.

Read on to know more about the blood group test, including test preparation, blood group test cost, and so on.


Blood Group Test – An Overview

What is a Blood Group Test?

A blood group test detects one of the classes (such as A, B, AB, or O) into which individuals or their blood can be classified based on the presence or lack of particular antigens in the blood.

Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian and immunologist, identified blood types in 1901. Previously, blood transfusions were dangerous and even fatal. Landsteiner’s work made the procedure considerably safer, and he also received the Nobel Prize for it.

The blood group test is done in conditions as follows:

  • when you require a blood or blood component transfusion
  • when you donate blood at a blood bank
  • when you donate an organ, tissue, or bone marrow for transplantation
  • To assess the risk of Rh incompatibility with the baby before or during a woman’s pregnancy

No special preparation is required.

The blood group is determined with a blood sample obtained using a needle inserted into a vein in the arm, a finger prick (for toddlers and adults), or a heel prick (for infants).

There are nearly three hundred distinct blood types. The ABO and RhD blood categories are the most essential.

The ABO Blood Group System consists of four primary blood groups and eight distinct blood types. The classifications are based on the presence or absence of two particular antigens and antibodies–A and B

  • Group A consists of Antigen A and Antibody B.
  • Group B consists of Antigen B and Antibody A.
  • Group A consists of Antigen A and B both and no Antibodies.
  • Group O consists of No Antigens and both A and B Antibodies.

A second categorization based on the Rh (Rhesus) component is conceivable. This protein, which is also an antigen, is located on the cell membrane of RBCs and was named after the Rhesus monkey, which was wrongly assumed to have the same antigen. The identification of the many kinds within the Rh factor itself is a difficult science, but when it comes to blood groups, the categorization is based on their presence or absence.

  • Rh-positive: Rh antigens are found on the surface of red blood cells in people who have Rh-positive blood. Rh-positive individuals can receive both Rh-positive or Rh-negative blood.
  • Rh-negative: Rh-negative people do not have Rh antigens in their blood. People with Rh-negative individuals may only accept Rh-negative blood.

Your entire blood type is determined by combining the ABO and Rh grouping methods. As a result, the ABO classification is given a plus or minus sign, giving birth to the following types: A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-.

Here is a chart that estimates the various blood types as well as the Rh(D) factor.

Blood type A B O AB
Rh-positive A+ B+ O+ AB+
Rh-negative A- B- O- AB-

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Understanding Blood Group Test Results

The findings of blood typing will reveal whether a person is grouping A, B, AB, or O, as well as if he or she is Rh negative or positive. The results will instruct the healthcare provider on whether blood or blood components are safe for the patient.

The table below indicates which type of blood patients can safely receive, based on their blood type.

During pregnancy, the child will most likely be Rh-positive if the mother is Rh-negative and the father is Rh-positive. In these circumstances, the mother must be given a medication known as RhoGAM. This medication will prevent her body from producing antibodies that might attack the baby’s blood cells if their blood gets mixed, which is common throughout pregnancy.

Blood Group and RH type of patients Blood Types That Are Safe (Compatible) for RBC Transfusion
A positive A positive, A negative, O positive, O negative
A negative A negative, O negative
A positive A positive, A negative, O positive, O negative
B positive B positive, B negative, O positive, O negative
B negative B negative, O negative
AB positive AB positive, AB negative, A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative, O positive, O negative
AB negative AB negative, A negative, B negative, O negative
O positive O positive, O negative
O negative O negative

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