Rapid Antigen Test in Maharashtra

During these times of extreme distress, when the lack of rapid Covid-19 testing has become a serious issue, SpiceHealth has emerged to offer quality diagnostic services to all at the most economical cost. SpiceHealth is well-known for offering the most affordable Rapid Antigen testing in the country, with prices starting at just Rs 149/-. SpiceHealth is effectively directing rapid antigen tests in Maharashtra.

Booking a slot on SpiceHealth is a very convenient task. You can either book a test through our website or avail our services by calling us on our customer care number i.e. +91-124-4967000.

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List of Our Services

List of Our Services

What is rapid antigen test?

Rapid antigen detection test is a diagnostic test that is highly used for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the body. It detects the presence or absence of an antigen. The antigens are the proteins that exist on the outer shell of the corona virus.  Antigen testing is important for diagnosis because it is highly confirmatory when it generates positive results.

Rapid antigen tests for Covid-19 are one of the most useful applications of these tests. It offers the following benefits –

  • Quick to implement as they require minimal training
  • Cost effective.
  • They give fast result within 5–30 minutes.
  • Very useful for mass testing
  • It reduces the load of relying on just RT-PCR tests to identify Covid-19 patients.
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Why Choose SpiceHealth For
Rapid Antigen Testing?

The motto of SpiceHealth is that quality healthcare is a human right. SpiceHealth strives to provide accessible and affordable healthcare and diagnostic services to all. SpiceHealth was the first to introduce the innovative concept of mobile testing laboratories that could be placed in remote areas, in containment zones and in villages where access to hospitals and medical facilities remains a challenge. The Maharashtra antigen testing labs are placed in freely searchable locations. The walk-in facility ensures a secure testing environment. SpiceHealth uses high-quality equipment and a professional team to deliver trustworthy results, in addition to economical pricing and advanced care.

Why Choose SpiceHealth For  Rapid Antigen Testing?
List Of Collection Centres

Where Are The SpiceHealth's Rapid Antigen Testing Centres In Maharashtra?

SpiceHealth's walk-in Rapid Antigen tests are available at various important locations in Maharashtra which include:

Bandra - Mumbai

Phase 1, Gate No.2, Bandra Kurla Complex , Covid Jumbo Centre, Bandra East , Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400051


What Is The Rapid Antigen Test Pricing In Maharashtra?

What Is The Rapid Antigen Test Pricing In Maharashtra?

SpiceHealth endeavours to provide affordable medical care and diagnostic services to all. SpiceHealth conducts Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) in Maharashtra, beginning from just ₹149/ -. These Rapid antigen tests costs very low and are carried out by trained healthcare workers to generate accurate results

Eligibility to Get Tested

Who Should Get Tested?

It has been observed that the SARS-COV-2 virus can leave long-lasting effects one an individual’s body.

If the patient experiences any one of the symptoms of corona virus like cold, cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, etcit is advisable to get the Covid-19 rapid antigen test done, in accordance with the ICMR guidelines. The only way to counter the spread of the pandemic is to test rampantly and at SpiceHealth we have been innovating constantly to offer medical care. Positive Antigen test result is highly confirmatory. However in case of negative results in certain cases,it is often recommended that the rapid antigen test needs to be backed by RT-PCR to completely rule out the possibility of infection.

What Kind Of Sample Is Needed For Testing?
Sample Collection

What Kind Of Sample Is Needed For Testing?

Only nasopharyngeal swabs can be collected as samples for rapid antigen test. These swabs are collected by an expert team, following full infection control practices including use of proper PPE Kit . The antigen test can give a result in 30 minutes.

Documents Required

What Are the Documents To
Be Presented For Getting Tested?

No documents are needed at the time of booking and the customer only needs to provide with some basic customer details.After booking the slot, customers are required to fill out the ICMR Specimen Referral Form for 2019-Covid19. During the time of sample collection, the customer is required to provide Govt. Approved photo ID (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving Licence) along with the booking ID.

Steps of Booking

How To Book A Slot?

Booking a slot on SpiceHealth is a very convenient task. Just enter your number or mail, generate an OTP, add your basic customer details (name mobile number and email id) and schedule your appointment. Visit the nearby collection centre and get Covid-19 tested.

You can also book the appointment for your test by dialing our customer care number i.e. +91-124-4967000.

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