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Stool or Faeces

Stool or faeces is a solid waste product produced by the stomach through digestion. Read on to know more about the stool test price, prior instructions, procedure, etc.


Stool or Faeces Test – An Overview

What is a Stool Test?

A stool test is a diagnosis of a person’s stool (faecal matter) to test for any presence or absence of a medical condition. The results help the doctor understand the cause of infection (if any) in the intestine and help plan the treatment.

A sample of the stool is collected and sent to the laboratory. It is mixed with a solution that propels the growth of the culprit bacteria. If they grow in large numbers within 1-2 days, it confirms the presence of harmful germs in the body and stool culture reports say ‘positive’, otherwise negative.

A fecal material of the body tells a lot about your overall health. Any change in its colour, composition, or appearance can provide valuable clues about a crucial bodily function and digestion. Laboratory analysis of your stool helps examine if there is any serious or underlying condition that is affecting the health of your gut.

A doctor may advise a stool culture test if you are showing any of these symptoms:

  • Few days of the stomach or abdominal pain.
  • Presence of blood or mucus in the stool.
  • Loose motions or diarrhea lasting more than 4-5 days.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • If you’re sick due to any foodborne outbreak in your community.
  • If you’ve consumed contaminated water or undercooked meat.

A stool test helps examine the overall health of your gut. From the color of your stool to the presence or absence of harmful and beneficial bacteria, the test reports can tell the current state of the digestion process that is taking place inside the stomach.

There are not many instructions for eating or drinking to follow before collecting the sample of your stool. However, in case you’re taking any medication or are on an antibiotic course, make sure to tell your doctor as it may impact the test results.

Your doctor or lab assistant will provide you with all the instructions to collect the stool sample. For your reference, below are a few points to note:

  • A stool sample is usually collected at the comfort of your home and not in the hospital or clinic.
  • You will be given a sterile container with a lid to collect the sample in.
  • Make sure the stool you collect should not touch the toilet seat to prevent the mixing of germs.
  • Put a plastic sheet, a newspaper, or a plastic bag and then use a spoon/spatula to take a small amount of stool and put it in the concerned container.

Hand over the sample to the designated health professional.

There are no risks associated with a stool test. However, it is best to know the below-mentioned points beforehand:

  • Your stool sample may contain severely harmful pathogens and viruses
  • To prevent any spread, be careful while collecting the sample and wash your hands thoroughly before and after collecting the sample.

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Understanding Stool Test Results

Understanding the stool test result is essential for the course of treatment. Below are the 3 major parts your doctor interprets from the stool test reports:

pH level Result Indication
6.5 – 7.5 Normal Healthy gut
< 5.5 Acidic Lactose malabsorption, poor digestion
> 7.5 Alkaline Color inflammation or worse, cancer, antibiotic use, etc



If it is light to dark brown, it is considered normal.

If it is yellow, it may indicate malabsorption of fats, food passing through the stomach more quickly, gallstones, etc. If this colour persists for many days, it is considered abnormal and needs further examination.

If it is green, it indicates the consumption of a diet rich in green vegetables or green food colouring. It may also suggest bacterial or parasitic infection.

If it is black, it indicates bleeding in the upper stomach lining, iron-rich consumption. Violet or purple suggests a life-threatening disease, porphyria.

Stool Culture

A ‘positive’ stool culture report confirms the presence of infection-causing germs and bacteria. The doctor will analyze which medication will fight best against these.

A ‘negative’ report suggests the absence of harmful bacteria.


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