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Total Leukocyte Count

You may be advised a TLC test at any age by your doctor, and there can be various reasons for it. Read on to understand all about TLC.


Total Leukocyte Count Test – An Overview

What is a TLC Test?

Total Leukocyte Count (TLC) is a blood test that measures leukocytes or white blood cells in your body at a given time. These WBCs help fight infections and diseases in your body. Leukocytes are developed in the bone marrow before it is released into your bloodstream.

The blood mainly contains WBCs, Red Blood Cells (RBCs), and platelets, each having its unique functions and efficiency. WBCs or leukocytes are further divided into 5 categories: Monocytes, Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Basophils, Eosinophils. The total tally of all these fighter cells in your body at any given time is what a TLC test means.

It is well-known that leukocytes are immunity cells and are always at war. These are ready to fight to secure you against viruses, harmful bacteria, or unknown pathogens. Thus, it is vital to know their count, strength, and efficiency in your body, especially when your body isn’t recovering as expected.

Majorly, the TLC blood test is a part of the complete blood count (CBC) test. It is performed when a body is showing symptoms of:

  • An infection resulting in fever and chills,
  • Body ache and pain
  • Inflammation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Any blood disorders

TLC test mainly shows the range of leukocytes or white blood cells in your bloodstream. These ranges are divided into three age categories:


Age Range WBC Count (per mcL of blood)
Infants 8900 – 30000
Kids under 2 6100 – 17500
Kids over 2 & adults 5000 – 11000

The below table shows each type of WBC with their normal percentage of overall WBC count:


Type of Leukocytes or WBCs Normal percent of overall WBC count
Basophil 0.5 to 1
Monocyte 2 to 8
Eosinophil 1 to 4
Lymphocyte 21 to 40
Neutrophil 55 to 74

According to these results, the health professionals evaluate the gravity of illness and the course of treatment.

There are no rules to follow before giving your blood sample for a TLC test. You can eat and drink normally. However, if your blood sample will be used for other tests besides CBC or TLC, you will be informed about all specific instructions.

TLC test is performed by collecting your blood sample through the veins via an injection. It is usually taken at a hospital, laboratory, or clinic. Nowadays, home collection services are also available. A trained health professional will visit your home to collect your blood sample safely.

There is usually no side effect or risk involved in a TLC test. However, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • As the blood will be drawn from the vein in the arm through an injection, you can expect a tinge of pain and bruise for a short period.
  • Covering the patch with a cotton bud or a band aid will prevent any chance of infection.
  • If you’re fasting, it is best to eat or drink after giving the blood sample.
  • Avoid lifting any heavy items for a few hours, while you can take up all the normal tasks as soon as the bleeding stops.

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Understanding TLC Test Results

Although the best person to evaluate your TLC test report will be the doctor for their expertise and knowledge on the subject, a few things you may want to know are mentioned below:

The table highlights the normal range of leukocytes or white blood cells (WBCs) with its components in an adult body (18+ years old).

Any result that is low or higher than the normal range indicates an underlying illness. For instance, the production and release of an increased number of neutrophils in the blood help fight any bacterial infection. An increase in the numbers of eosinophils is associated with an allergic reaction, while lymphocytes get produced more to fight viral infections, etc. It is the way the healthcare specialist evaluates and advises a course of treatment.

Name Normal range/microliter
WBCs 4500-11000
Monocytes 0-800
Lymphocytes 1000-4800
Neutrophils 1800-7800
Basophils 0-200
Eosinophils 0-450

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