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The Typhidot test is one of the most rapid and accurate blood tests for typhoid fever diagnosis. Typhoid fever has long been a source of concern for individuals living in many parts of the globe. Adults and children of various age groups get affected with this disease every year.

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Typhidot Test – An Overview

What is the Typhidot Test?

Typhoid fever, often known as enteric fever, is a life-threatening infection caused by consuming food or water contaminated with the faeces of a person infected with the bacteria Salmonella typhi or S. paratyphi A.

Salmonella Typhi, which causes typhoid or paratyphoid, enters the body by contaminated water or food. After a few days, the pathogen causes vivid symptoms and gradually weakens the gastrointestinal tract.

For Salmonella Typhi, a typhidot test is used. This is not a quantitative test, but rather a qualitative one. It can only detect if Salmonella typhi is present or not.

When you have the following signs on your body, a typhidot test is ordered to see if you have typhoid (enteric) fever.

  • Headache
  • A high fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Skin rashes
  • White coating on the tongue

The typhoid screening test is performed to diagnose and record fever and other salmonella infections.

Tell your doctor about any drugs you’re taking. This test normally does not need any further preparation.

A blood sample is drawn from the arm by the healthcare professional. A dab of rubbing alcohol is used to clean the place where the blood will be extracted. The procedure is then followed by the insertion of a tiny needle with a tube attached to collect blood. The needle is removed once enough blood has been taken for analysis. A gauze pad is then used to cover the wound

Typically, there is no such harm associated with the Typhidot test. When the needle pricks the arm of those taking the test, they may feel a mild sting.

Following the test, patients may develop a minor bruise at the puncture site or feel slight discomfort in their arm for a few days.

The Typhidot test detects anti-Salmonella Typhi IgM antibodies. These antibodies are made against Salmonella Typhi’s outer membrane protein (OMP). The results of this test are usually available within 2-3 days of infection. It distinguishes between IgM Antibody and other antibodies. Antibodies against IgM suggest a recent infection, whereas antibodies against IgG indicate a distant illness.

Normal Range: NEGATIVE


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Understanding the Results of the Typhidot Test

It’s planned to be used as a screening test and as a tool for diagnosing S. Typhi and Paratyphi A infections. Any positive result from the Onsite Typhoid IgG/IgM Rapid Test must be confirmed using a different method.

Interpretation of the result:

Positive: IgM positivity or IgM/IgG positivity both indicate current infection, but IgG positivity indicates a late stage of infection, a past infection, or latent infection.

Negative: A negative result for an individual patient means that no anti-S. Typhi or anti-Paratyphi A antibodies were detected.


Only other diagnostic procedures and clinical findings should be used to interpret the results obtained with this test.

The infection may rapidly spread. If the symptoms persist along with a negative or non-reactive result from the Typhoid IgM/IgG Rapid Test, the patient should be re-tested or tested using another test method, such as bacterial culture.

Antibodies from past infection or the TAB Vaccine may cause a false-positive result.


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